Broadway High School FFA
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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  12/9/2020  - Club meeting
  1/27/2021  - Club meeting
  2/24/2021  - Club meeting
  3/24/2021  - Club meeting
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  11/30/2020  - Mentorship


The purpose is to connect with other members within our chapter to encourage relationships and participation.  This will allow members to feel more comfortable and explore activities to get them involved within our chapter. 


1.To have at least 15 mentor pairs during the 2020-2021 school year. 

2. To have the mentors reach out to their assigned person at least 3 times a month. 

3. Mentors should have their assigned person attend at least 2 events throughout the year. 


Steps for the goals:

1. Match the club applications with experienced members.

2. Create spreadsheet to have members log when they reach out to their assigned person.

3. Create a separate column for specific dates. 

Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  3/5/2021  - Middle school visit

Taking a trip to the middle school to promote FFA in the high school. 

Goals 1. half of each officer team attends. 2. Inform at least 5 new kids after taking a survey 3.

Create activities and a presentation to show to the middle school.

Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  12/18/2020  - Hog Butchering

We will butcher two hogs donated by the Lohr family. We will kill, scald, and gut the hogs at the Lohr's farm. We will then take the meat to the BHS Ag Department and process it. Butchering hogs will provide education for our members and food for ourselves and our community.


- 15 members involved in some way.

- Spend no more than an evening killing and one day processing.

- Advertise effectively possibly with a slideshow and social media.

  5/22/2021  - Tractor Pull
We will hold a tractor pull at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in memory of Mark Deavers. The funds will go towards the Mark Deavers Scholarship Fund. 
Building Communities - Environmental
  4/2/2021  - Spring Road Clean-up


We will collect trash along 259 in the spring where our school has adopted the highway.

  5/8/2021  - River Clean Up 1:00pm


1. Have at least 10 memebers help

2. Complete one river in the spring of 2021

3. Collect one bag of trash in and around the river

Building Communities - Human Resources
  12/1/2020  - Toy and Food Drive

Collect cannded food (non perishable) items

Collect toys for children, make sure they are safe toys



1. 10 people will donate toys.

2. 10 people will donate canned goods

3. Get toys and canned goods delivered before Chirstmas



1. Collect

2. Advertise to members

  12/16/2020  - Toy and Food Drive Drop Off 4:00pm-6:00pm

Come to Broadway High school between 4:00pm and 6:00pm to drop off canned goods and food


Bethany Gentry will deliever the toys and canned goods

  4/1/2021  - Farm to School Day

Stations:                                                                       Goals:

- FFA                                                                             1. Make at least 8 videos 

- Livestock                                                                    2. Visit at least 3 schools

- Equipment                                                                  3. Have contacted all schools by December 2020

- Electrical/Shop

- Soil

- Plants

- Farm to Table

- Forestry


Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  1/15/2021  - Repair the Fair
Chapter Officers:
Grace Fravel
Vice President
Erica Wood
Joy Bergan
2nd Vice President


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